Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A nice surprise!

I have been organizing photos lately. It is a small obsession I have. I never want a photo deleted and I always want them stored on CDs. If we ever had a fire, I would grab Jackson, Justin, my wedding ring and my binder of photo CDs. I am a little OCD about my photos...but here is why!
Tonight, I was trying to find a certain photo of Jackson...and look what I came made my day! I remember taking this photo one night when we were out to dinner with my family. Jackson sat next to my Dad in his pumpkin seat. He stared at Dad and loved hearing his deep voice. Finally, Dad picked him up to feed him. A bottle and his Papaw Mike...Jackson couldn't have been happier.

So glad I snapped this photo!

I miss my Dad so much! Finding this photo has really made me smile.


Stacey B. said...

Thanks for sharing. It's great for us to get to see picture of Mike. We all miss him too! Love you.

Jessy said...

It made my day too! We all really miss him!

Love ya, Jess

McCord Family said...

Very sweet, I am so glad you have these memories to share with Jackson as he gets older.

Love ya,

Aunt Ashley said...

Pictures are the best! I'm glad you have the memories so Jackson can see who his Papaw was...and we can tell him how amazing he was! I miss him too Kris...I love you guys!!!