Monday, December 1, 2008

A visit with Miss Campbell!

Jackson and I got to visit with our good friends, Jessica and Miss Campbell, yesterday.

Jessica is a good friend of mine who I don't get to see often enough. Our visit was full of great conversation, but also very busy with our little ones. It seemed I was always changing a diaper or feeding a bottle and Jess was busy keeping up with Campbell.

We did manage to snap a few photos of the little ones. Though it was a little tough to get them to "pose" are a few we snuck in of the two cuties...enjoy!

Jess and Campbell...thanks for the great visit! Campbell - thanks for offering to share your orange Popsicle! You are such a sweetie!

P.S. Yes, Jackson's shirt says "I'm bringing Chubby back!"
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Jessica said...

I loved seeing you both. Campbell is so fond of Jackson. I can't wait to do dinner though alone when we can do adult talk and just relax. Ha!!! Love you both!