Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Solid foods...already?

On Halloween, my Uncle Tom and Aunt Lee Ann gave Jackson Gerber cookies for a treat.

I was worried that he wasn't old enough for them.

There was no way my "baby" could handle that solid cookie!

I had asked everyone I knew if they thought Jackson was ready for the cookie. Almost everyone said yes. I just kept asking as if I was waiting for someone to say no.

I could just imagine having to rush in and do the "finger sweep" that I learned in my first aid class.

I just didn't think he (I mean 'I') was ready for solid foods (I know, I know, first-time Mom).

Jackson had started to insist that he sit on my lap while Justin and I had dinner. This just wasn't working out...So last week, Justin finally got out Jackson's Gerber cookies from Halloween and we hoped this would do the trick.

Jackson loved them! ...and we are now eating dinner in peace!

Now if he could just learn to not be so messy! We have to rush to the bath after the cookie!

Thanks so much Uncle Tom and Aunt Lee Ann! Your the best!
Uncle Tom and Aunt Lee Ann with Jackson
Enjoy the photos!

P.S. The doctor says Jackson is ready to start eating off my plate! This might send me over the edge...I am reading the "table food" chapter of my parenting book tonight!!
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Kylie said...

I was soooo scared to start Ty on table food...always afraid he was going to choke, but like most things he was just fine :) Enjoy...I miss the days of just opening a jar of baby food for him...so easy :)