Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I am one of three girls.

I was, and always will be, the baby.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love having siblings. Especially sisters.

Becoming a parent and loosing a parent, all in months of each other, have made me realize how important my childhood memories are.

I love knowing that there are at least two other people in this world who have the same memories that I do. No matter how close you are with a spouse, girlfriend, or co-worker…only your siblings can recall your childhood memories the way you can too.

I bet only Michelle and Deb can remember where I hid my report card in high school (behind my dresser, Michelle found it and told Deb, Deb told Dad).

I’m sure Michelle and Deb remember reaching into our Christmas stockings to find a piece of fruit in the bottom…ALWAYS. Not sure why….but Dad insisted. Each year, we handed the fruit back to Mom.

I bet Michelle and Deb remember the black phone with grey buttons that hung in the garage. The buttons would stick when you dialed, but it never got replaced. I would go out to the garage and “listen” to my sister’s phone calls and then give a report to my Mom and Dad.

I’m sure my sisters remember the few years that Mom fell in love with the color Teal and most rooms in our house were covered in it. We even had Teal sofas.

I know they remember my “noodle balls.” Each time my mom would make homemade noodles, she would let me ball up some of the dough and she would cook my “noodle balls.” Deb hated it. I loved it!

My sisters remember all the summers at the softball diamond. My Dad coached their team and I was always the “bat girl.” I played myself years later…but I’ve tried to block those memories…Let’s just say I was a better “bat girl” than I was softball player.

I bet Michelle and Deb remember how Mom and Dad always closed the doors to the family room on Christmas morning so we couldn’t see what Santa had left. It was the only time of the year those doors were closed.

I’m sure they remember the stack of firewood my parents had behind the shed. I would sit and watch my Dad walk out in the cold to get firewood. I was worried about him being out in the cold (it wasn’t a far walk at all…I was just a Daddy’s girl).

I’m certain my sisters remember the sliding door that went between their rooms. I thought it was so cool and often wished I had a sliding door connecting my room to theirs.

I know that we all remember asking for that "one thing" and never getting it. I know we remember - because we have always teased my folks about it. Michelle wanted to go to France, Deb wanted a horse, and I wanted a telephone booth....all of these were small requests...yet my parents said no to all three. We are still bitter...but love to laugh at the thought of these requests. :)

I bet my sisters remember all of us getting ready in a tiny bathroom each morning. My mom would do my hair as they were teasing theirs higher and higher (it was the 80's).

I'm sure they remember the ivory phone that sat on the ledge above my mom's bath tub. I can still picture my entire family huddled in my parents closet taking cover from a near by tornado. My Dad stepped out to use the ivory phone to call his brothers to make sure they were taking cover as well. I waited anxiously until my Dad returned to take cover with the rest of us.

My point? I am so grateful that I can call my sisters up and say "remember this" and instantly we can share a laugh.

P.S. I'm also certain my sisters can remember what a great baby sister I was! :)


deb said...


First, I do remember ALL of those things, but I'd forgotten the black phone in the garage until now. (And you eavesdroopped? Nice.) I had also forgotten the sliding door between rooms, and LOVED IT!

I had not forgotten the tornado scare, which is why I'm scared of them today.

I had also not forgotten the doors closed to the family room. I remember peeking through the tiny slats trying to see what Santa brought.

And WHO could forget the apples in our stockings? Santa now leaves them for Griff and Hayden.

Btw, I also won't forget the dumb photo you posted of me for this post. I look drugged.

:) Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

the fruit thing was something grandma symmes always did we never knew why .
but i hope my kids will have the sibling bond you three have thats why
your dad worked so hard to make sure that you all stayed close

love uncle tom

Anonymous said...

Deb, I agree with you on the photo Krissy posted.... you were all not drugged, but FYI... this was in the limo at the SuperBowl if that tells you anything.

Krissy always seems to find pictures where she looks good.... not really worried about anyone else's appearance!! Love ya Babe

Anonymous said...


The whole time your Dad and the rest of us grew up in our house each year we had a stocking hanging on the fireplace at Christmas time. The fruit was always in the bottom but also other little toys like a deck of cards or a set of ball and jacks,etc. Tommy always got the best stuff because he was the BABY, Ha Ha!! That was a Grandma Symmes tradition and that is why your Dad passed it to you girls and I'm glad he did.

Love and miss you all,

Uncle Jim