Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ugly...but Festive!

Justin and Jamie

Cory the Elf

Kellie, JT, Joe

Me, Rachel, and Sara

Sara and AdamThe Winner - Dallas as "Cousin Eddie"

Justin and I attended our first "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party this weekend. Our good friends, Joe and Lora Morgan, hosted the party at their beautiful new home. It was so fun to see what everyone had come up with for their attire. Justin was sporting a woman's petite snowman sweatshirt he had found at Goodwill...while I was wearing a man's sweatshirt that I turned into a dress!

Joe and Lora even gave a prize for the best "Ugly Sweater." Our friend Dallas won with the "Cousin Eddie" sweater with the matching
squirrel on the back. The prize? Of course, it was a year membership to the "Jelly of the Month Club."

Side note: Before the party, Justin and I went to dinner. The waitress commented that she liked my sweater. I explained we were attending an "Ugly Sweater" party and that was why we were dressed that way. As she walked away, Justin gave me "that look" and explained to me that the waitress was serious. She really did like my sweater...and I had just insulted her by explaining why I was wearing it.
Hmmm....I still can't imagine she was serious...ok, I think she might have been...oh dear....
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Anonymous said...

I know a few people we could borrow tacky christmas sweaters from!!

Lori said...

hahahaha. i can totally see you saying that to the waitress. love it.