Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Holiday Weekend...

Wow...the holiday came and went...and it is already Monday.

Here is a recap of our holiday and our first Th
anksgiving with Jackson:

Jackson came down with a cold on Wednesday. Justin and I were both off work and spent the day giving him some extra love. Jackson is still fighting the cold and was diagnosed with his first ear infection today. Wish us luck.

Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Creason's (Penny's family). Our visit was full of pea salad, football, naps, and lots of talk about Jackson. All things Justin and I love!

Next, we headed out to my Grandma (who is 85). Grandma Evy (with a little help from my Mom) cooked the entire Thanksgiving dinner for my family. (Side Note: When I am 85 I will NOT be cooking thanksgiving dinner...Jackson and his wife will be cooking!)

Our dinner conversation was filled with funny stories - like how Deb is participating in a local Dancing with the Stars competition for a charity...(seriously - she really is...we even got a demonstration)...but the best was the funny stories we all remembered about my Dad.

Justin recalled how strict my Dad was when we first started dating. My Dad had a rule, "Backs against the couch and feet on the floor." Dad would sit in the same room as Justin and I and sip on a coke. It didn't matter how late Justin stayed...Dad always stayed up. Michelle laughed at Justin's story. According to her, Dad didn't do that to her. Instead, he sent me-her baby sister- to the family room to spy on what she and her date were up to. I was happy to help! It was great to tell these fantastic memories of my Dad on a day we were missing him so much.

Next was Black Friday. My sisters wanted to be shopping early in search of a particular video game system. We pulled up to Best Buy only to find shoppers having to park blocks away. However, a traffic cop motioned for us to pull up to the building. He had a parking space for us next to the door. We couldn't believe it...we commented how Dad must have been "holding" the space for us since he wasn't there to drop us off at the door. It made us smile.

That night was the first Circle of Lights without my Dad. We all shed a few tears and hugged each other a little tighter after the tree was lit. He was missed.

Jackson attending his first Circle of Lights and Grandma Charlotte with her "little monkeys"
(minus Hayden - He refused!)

We enjoyed a great dinner at Buca's after the tree lighting. Jackson was teething and enjoyed a cold salad plate as a teether! Enjoy the photo. Ha!

Saturday we celebrated the wedding of some good friends...Scott and Michelle Travis. The celebration was full of good food, good music, and great times. Best Wishes to Scott and Michelle!
Jackson was such a trooper at the wedding!

As you know, I was very weary of the holiday. I didn't want to celebrate at all. I want to thank each of you who called or e-mailed me last week to wish me well. Also, a special thanks to Justin and my amazing family who let me cry when I needed to, but also made me laugh all weekend long. I'm so thankful for all of you!


Jessy said...

Love the first pic of you guys!!

Jessica said...

Well... we all love you and your family. I am glad you started new traditions while keeping the old.