Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1 House a Floodin'

Last week, I worked Monday and Tuesday only. I was working away Tuesday afternoon. I had been watching the clock as my holiday was almost ready to begin when I left the office in an hour or so….then my phone rang. It was Justin’s mom, Penny, and she had some bad news.

Penny had just gotten word that my mom’s house had literally flooded. The pipes had frozen in the upstairs bathroom and water was everywhere. My mom was at our place and was keeping Jackson for the day. I called my mom and told her I would come get Jackson so she could get to her house.

Justin and Tom were both near my mom’s house when we got this news and they rushed over to see the damage. I had told Justin what his mom had said. I told him apparently water was everywhere, the dinning room ceiling had fallen in, water was running down the downstairs walls from upstairs. Justin just assumed I was exaggerating.

He called when he arrived and said, “well, it is probably worse than you had described.”

By this time, the roads had gotten pretty icy. My mom and I were watching the news and I encouraged her to let Justin and Tom meet with her insurance agent. The last thing she needed was to be on dangerous roads when she was upset. She agreed to stay.

Mom and I finished wrapping Christmas presents, made some Chilli, talked about my Dad (who we were both missing so much) and waited for Justin to call with updates.

Justin sent us photos taken with his cell phone to keep us updated. Here are some of the photos…

After a few hours, my mom and I agreed that all of this could be fixed. The most important thing was that our family focus on getting through this first holiday without my Dad.

A special thanks to Justin and Tom for sticking around to take care of the damage while Mom and I tried to focus on more important things. You guys are great!

Christmas pictures and posts are coming….I PROMISE!

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McCord Family said...

Adam and I almost had this same issue in our house last weekend. Luckily we realized it before the pipes burst. Space heater to the rescue!!!! Now I see how lucky we were.