Monday, December 1, 2008

Cheers to Dad!

This past weekend was full of traditions. However, my Mom decided to create a new one.

For as long as I can remember my Dad favored glass bottled Coca-cola to any other drink. Growing up we had a refrigerator on the back porch always stocked with glass bottled coke. My friends knew to expect it when they visited our house.

When ever you saw a two-liter or canned coke at our could assume all the stores in a 20 mile radius were out of the glass bottles. I believe he even tried to have the local coca-cola company deliver the bottles to his office. No such luck.

While shopping at Walmart for black Friday, my Mom stocked up her cart with glass bottled coke. One for each member of my family. That night, we popped them open and toasted to my Dad.

"We love you, Dad." We each took a sip...and thought of Dad.

P.S. I hate Coke....I'm still trying to figure out how he drank it so often! :)


Jessy said...

Remember the coke bottle opener that was on the back porch on discovery drive... Back then it seemed so cool since I was to short to reach it!

Love you all,

Jessica said...

Always loved the glass bottle of coke sitting by the pool. Thanks Mike for the great memories!!

deb said...

OHMIGOSH...I forgot about the coke bottle opener Dad had fastened to the wall. Because picking one up was too inconvenient!

Brought tears to my eyes.