Monday, November 23, 2009

Where did "Baby Griffin" go?

Maddie, Jackson, and Griffin

Lately it just seems like my family's "little ones" are not staying little like I think they should.

Today my nephew, Griffin, had out patient surgery.  It was minor, but I still called to check on him.  I had my speech ready.  I was going to pump him up and tell him to be brave and not be afraid when his mom changed his bandages....but there was no need for the "bravery talk".  

Griffin answered the phone and reminded me he was eating dinner (basically, lets make this quick).  I asked how he was feeling, he responded with "good"... As if he hadn't gone under the knife a few hours earlier.  Instead he wanted to talk about how he gets three days off school this week for Thanksgiving.  

Such a big kid.  They sure don't stay little very long.  

I had planned on posting some "Get Well Soon" wishes for Griffin tonight.  But it seems he is doing just fine.  So instead, I am posting how amazed I am that my "little" nephew is so big and brave.  Not so much a little boy ... but a sweet, big kid...

Love you, Griff!


deb said...

He loves you, too. Love the photo. Talk about grown up, I came home tonight and he was running on the treadmill! He lasted 65 minutes. (First time!)

deb said...

Love this photo. He's all grown up, apparently. Even cleared the table on his own tonight. Now he wants to learn how to do laundry.

What gives?