Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Celebrating our Veteran's: Papaw Mike and Uncle Tom

Tonight, Justin and I attended a Veteran's Day program at Griffin's school.  

It started with serenade of patriotic music.  They even sang some Johnny Cash.  Jackson sat between Justin and I and clapped after each song.  I took pictures to send to Deb since she was in Nashville for the CMA's.  

Then there was some dancing - see pictures below.  Griffin did a great job and is never shy about performing.  I love that about him.  (I think he gets it from his Aunt Ki Ki - tee hee!)

The best part came at the end of the program.  All students and teachers were invited to submit a photo of a veteran in their family.  It touched my heart when my sister told me Griffin had asked to submit my Dad's Army photo and a photo of my brother-in-law (Michelle's husband, Tom) in his Navy uniform.  Griffin was so proud of his family Veterans.

I watched the slide show excited to see my Dad's photo.  However, I didn't expect the tears to start rushing in.  The second the photo was displayed my Mom and I both broke down.  Veteran's Day was one of my Dad's favorite holidays.  Dad would close his office and was frustrated when schools didn't have the holiday off.  He always saw it important to honor veterans.  A lesson I will always remember.

My Dad's Army Photo

Tommy B's Navy Photo (he hasn't aged a bit)

My Mom and I both commented how much Dad would have loved the program Griffin's school put on for Veteran's Day.  I wish Dad was here to see how proud Griffin was of his "Papaw Mike".  I wish he was here to stand with the other Grandfathers in the audience when the students sang the Army song.  Needless to say, I sure felt his absence tonight.

I am thankful for the time my Dad served in the military.  As a result, he taught my sisters and I to respect our military - young and old.  My Dad and I never did agree on politics.  However, one thing we agreed on was to honor our military men and women and be thankful for their service.  So, today I thought of my Dad a little more than usual...thankful for this lesson.  

Happy Veteran's Day.  

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deb said...


Just now catching up on your blog after being gone last week. I was disappointed that I would miss the show, especially to miss seeing Dad's photo in the slideshow.

Thanks for capturing the moment. I know Dad would have been proud. Griffin told me recently after watching news footage of troops being welcomed back by family members...'It's too bad I didn't know Papaw back then, I would have loved to greet him like that.' Tears flowed, as you can imagine!