Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I heart Google Shopping!

I had spotted an adorable pair of PJs for Jackson at Kohl's a couple of weeks ago.

However, they didn't have his size.  In fact, there wasn't a 2T at any Kohl's in Indiana.  I couldn't buy them online either.

These just weren't any PJs - they were MICKEY MOUSE PJs.  I knew Jackson would them, so I was bummed when the customer service lady told me they could find his size.  

I came home and Googled Flannel Mickey Mouse Pajamas...and BINGO.....I found his size.

The UPS man delivered the PJs today - and Jackson loved pointing out Mickey on his Pjs tonight.  He kept saying, "Hey, Mom (his new name for me - like he is 17) - MIC-KEY" (as he points to his belly, leg, arm.....

Thanks Google!  

I absolutely LOVE google shopping!


Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad Mickey put a smile back on his face, he wasn't too smiley last night :) The jammies are too cute, Grandma loves them!!!

Jessy said...

The PJs are to die for... He couldn't look any more adorable.