Monday, November 9, 2009

Its the Holidays!

Its the holidays.

Whether we are ready or not - the stores have beautiful decorations on display and clerks are humming along to "Winter Wonderland" when handing us a receipt.

I am more than excited to teach Jackson all about Santa Claus ( he can say Ho, Ho, Ho - sort of), our Christmas tree and decorations are out of storage and ready for some attention, and I love hearing my niece tell me she wants EVERY item in the American Girl catalog (and truly mean it).  

But I can't help but think this will be my second holiday season without my Dad.  Some how my Dad made the holidays better.  He had a sparkle in his eye from the minute we cut the Turkey on Thanksgiving until he helped the men win our annual Trivial Pursuit (Men vs. Women) game Christmas night.  He loved the holidays.  Probably because it was filled with family get-togethers that we knew better then to miss.  

As I approach my second holiday season without my Dad, I will remember the wonderful traditions he taught me and pass them onto Jackson - just as he would have.  So bring on the shopping, the Christmas tree lights, the holiday parties, the meals that aren't on anyone's diet.  Bring on Santa Claus and his reindeer, holiday cards with pictures of friends, gift wrapping late at night, and most importantly - sweet family memories.  All the things my Dad loved!

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Nickie Eisele said...

He'll be there, Kris! No doubt about it... He wouldn't miss it! I have always enjoyed sharing Christmas night with your family. I love you all.