Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Great Weekend!

Yesterday brought us great weather and we couldn't resist the chance to take Jackson to the park.  We even took the W-A-G-O-N along.  (That's right - we have to spell it anymore because Jackson will insist we go on a wagon right no matter how cold it is outside).  :)

We spent some time on the swings, the curly Q slide, and then went tried out the Wagon for about an hour!  Jackson loved it and we loved seeing him smile!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

Even though we enjoyed the warm weather, we are a little anxious for the holidays (Jackson makes Christmas so much fun).  Justin and I have full weekends planned between now and Christmas (so excited to visit with family and friends in the weeks ahead).  Since we had some free time this weekend we decided to go ahead and decorate our Christmas tree.  I know its a bit early - but nothing wrong with getting a head start on the holiday spirit!

We saved the tree-topper for Jackson! :)

We hope you enjoyed your weekend too.  I'm off to cheer on the Colts (If I can stay up late enough).  Go Blue!

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Laura Camic said...

we put up our christmas tree too!