Sunday, November 1, 2009

We Hope Your Halloween Was A Thriller!

Halloween has come and gone.  But what fun we had.

Most of you know I made Jackson's costume this year.  It was important to me to make it myself...and I'm so glad I did.

As you can tell he was Michael Jackson.  I thought it would be a fun costume and I figured Justin would love it too!    

I owe a huge Thank You to my Mom who helped keep me on task, helped explain sewing, and helped when the project became too overwhelming (all the credit for the sequined glove goes to my Mom - I lost my patience).  I have had so much fun with my Mom the past few weeks while working on the costume.  We had a lot of laughs and even shed a few tears when our conversation would turn to my Dad.  I asked my Mom what Dad would think of me making Jackson's costume.  She said, "I think he would have been very proud - but I'm not sure what he would think of his Grandson in sequins from head to toe!"  :)  Thanks for everything Mom!  

A big thanks to everyone who opened their door to let Jackson trick-or-treat.  He was a champ and never fussed about the costume.  He even told me his sequined socks were "Pretty".  We have officially retired the socks!  :)

Will I make Jackson's costume again next year?  You bet!  ....But my Mom says we are starting in July!  ;)

Check out the video below of some photos of Jackson trick or treating!  You will find some photos of my nieces, nephews, my cousin's daughter, and Baby Maddy McCord (monkey).  All of these fun little ones helped make Jackson's Halloween fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Sooooo cute .. it looks professional! Great Pics
- Andrea Teevan

Jessy said...

Jayliana looks like she hates her costume! HAHA. We loved Jacksons costume! Great job!!

Love ya, Jess!

Lori said...

Love it!!!!

Jessica said...

I don't think Michael was ever as cute! You did a great job Kris. The tears and stress were worth the end product. I miss you both and can't wait to see Jackson soon!
ps. The pose in one picture with the hand out to the side, totally is a Michael Jackson pose!!!

Nadia said...

I am quite impressed, Kristen! Love the costume and the pictures!!!