Monday, August 31, 2009

Where is Handy Manny!

As I have already told you, Jackson is a huge fan of the Disney show Handy Manny. 
My friend, Jessica, gave Jackson his very own Handy Manny tool box for his birthday.  It is one of Jackson's favorites.  The infamous tool box usually travels with Jackson wherever he goes.  If we mention the tool box at home - he must run and find it immediately.  

Sometimes Justin and I ask Jackson where the toy is - JUST FOR LAUGHS.  His immediate reaction and insistence on finding it is hilarious. 

Tonight, I tried to get it on video.

P.S.  We're working on getting rid of the pacifier.  However, after 8:30 - it is a lost cause!  I'm not sure who is winning this battle!  Wish us luck!


Jessica said...

I am so glad Jackson loves his toolbox. It is a big hit in our home too with Campbell. But I think Jackson's enthusiasm has Campbell beat hands down.

Stacey B. said...

That theme song gets stuck in my head all the time. I was singing it the other day and Scott said "Manny" not "Mandy" I seriously thought the guys name was Mandy!

deb said...

I am CRACKING UP at Stacy's comment. Halarious.

Cute video, Jackson!

Grandpa John said...

Stacey, I think it is Handy Manning!!