Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear Dad,

Dear Dad,

Today marks an entire year since I got to pick up a phone and tell you about my day or Jackson's latest achievement.  It is hard to believe you never saw him roll over, let alone see him walk and talk like he is today.  You would laugh if you were here to know that his favorite word is "snack"...just like his Papaw Mike.  

I often think about how fitting it is that the last time I spoke to you I was calling for your help. I was lost and needed you to help me find my way to Indianapolis from a detour.  You immediately knew how to help and your directions were a success.  Had I known that was the last time I would talk to you, I would have told you how thankful I was for those directions and the countless other times I had leaned on you.  

This past year has been harder than I could ever imagine.  Yet I still sit here today with happiness in my heart.  Partly because of the little boy asleep on my lap right now, partly because of family and friends, and partly because I know that is what you would have wanted. 

I try to live my life the way I think you would approve of...but deep down I know that you just wanted happiness for all of us.  So, even though missing you is the hardest thing I have ever done...I will keep going.  

I will keep living, loving, and laughing just the way you taught me...

I miss you...and love you even more.



mboyd said...

Sweet note, Kristen. I miss him so much, too. Dad would be very proud of you and the way you are raising Jackson.

Love you,

Stacey B. said...

I love you and can't wait to give you a big old squeeze.

deb said...

Oh Kris...the tears fell fast with this one.

Nice post.

Love you...and I admire your strength.

Anonymous said...

I have waited for your post today although I knew it would make me cry, yes your dad would be proud of you as always! It's his little smirks and sarcasm I miss the most :) It just seems like yesterday he was giving me a hard time at the store as he always did, who knew I would even miss that and when that stupid computer program beeps at me I swear it's him talking to me!!!!

We all love and miss him :) Penny

The Buening Family said...

Oh my goodness, what a day/year! Tears instantly filled my eyes.
love, Sus

mamaw said...

This is a beautiful post Kristen. I know your dad is watching over all of you today and everyday. You're a wonderful family. He's proud of all of you.
Love,Debbie Judd

John said...


He would definitely be proud of you. You are a wonderful mom and a great daughter-in-law.
I miss him.


Jessica said...

We all miss your dad. He was a dad to all of us. He was the one who could make you laugh at one second and guide you the next. Krissy, You have so much to be proud of and your dad would be so glowing seeing the mother you are today. Much love to you-