Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family, Friends, and a lot of Fun!

Wow. Is the weekend over already?

Justin and I had a packed weekend full of visits with family and friends. We were so lucky to get to visit with such great people all weekend. Justin and I are so blessed to have such great family and friends.

So here is the run down of our weekend:


My nephews, Griffin and Hayden, came to visit for the evening. These two boys are full of energy and enough one liners to fill a comedy club. Justin and I were constantly laughing. Whether is was Hayden telling us his mother has been threatening to wash his mouth out with vinegar - only because he really doesn't mind soap or Griffin offering to share his arcade tickets with his younger brother - and then only gave him 2. The final count was Griffin 35 - Hayden 5. Seems fair. We had a great time putt-putting, eating pizza, playing in the arcade, and even swimming when the pool was clearly CLOSED. It was a great visit and Jackson, Justin, and I were sad to see them leave.


Early Saturday morning, we loaded up the car with swim suits and towels (and a million other things) and headed to the Weller cabin. Once a year, Tom and Paula Weller along with Stacey Bowman (Weller) open up their cabin to our group of friends from high school. In the past, we have made it a girls weekend. I love this weekend! It is so fun to catch up with everyone and laugh about old memories. This year we added another event at the Weller cabin - Family Day. Most of our families are growing and we stay up to date by blogs or facebook. But having a day where we all came together with husbands and children was so fun! Not to mention - Jackson had his first boat ride (Tom even let Jackson sit in the driver's seat - Thanks, Tom!), swam in the lake, and flirted with Little Miss Cami Bowman for the first of what I'm sure will be many times! It was so great to visit with everyone! Girls weekend is scheduled for a few months from now! Can't wait!

We left the Weller Cabin a littler early to make it to Indy in time to get Jackson to Grandma Penny and Grandpa John - and make it to meet friends for dinner. We met Kristin, Aaron, Amanda, Jill, and Russ to celebrate Kristin's 30th birthday! It was good food, great company and lots of laughs. This group also went to a movie (something we rarely get to do anymore) and saw "The Goods" funny! Let's just say there was a lot of loud laughing that embarrassed Justin!

Justin and I both ended Saturday by commenting how lucky we are to have such great friends!


Sunday morning we picked Jackson up from the Bixler's and loaded the wagon, diaper bag, camera, and a spritzer bottle (it was hot) and headed to the Indiana State Fair. I was excited for Jackson to see the animals and ride the rides...okay, so I was excited for a lemon shake-up and a corn dog too. :) Jackson loved the horses, he didn't know what to think of the pigs and goats, and he LOVED the rides. Let me just say, that I can't believe I have a child that his tall enough to ride the rides at the fair (so maybe we spiked his hair really tall today to add a couple inches). Jackson loved this Bee ride and of course, the Merry-Go-Round! Jackson also tried Cotton Candy for the first time. Justin handed him a piece, he tried it, and handed it back (half chewed). Who doesn't like Cotton Candy? I also made sure to sneak in a cup of ice cold tomato juice from the Red Gold was one of my Dad's State Fair favorites!

We rushed back so Jackson could have a nap (me too) and we could attend a family cookout at The Boyd house. Michelle and Tom invited my family over to cookout, swim, and catch-up. It was so nice to visit, laugh, and watch Jackson enjoy the pool - he is starting to love the water!

Below is a slideshow of a whirlwind weekend! It was busy- but so fun! Enjoy the photos!

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deb said...

Griffin and I just watched the slideshow...he loved it!

Very cute...thanks for having them.