Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bring on the Football!

This weekend, Jackson and I took in my Nephew's football game.  I promised Griffin a few weeks ago that I would be at his SECOND game of the season.  I knew I couldn't make the first one and was hoping to be able to make the next game.  

I called Deb to check in on time and location on Friday.  Deb mentioned that Griffin had told her that I PROMISED I would be at the second game.  This kid doesn't forget anything!  I didn't mind...I was really looking forward to it.

Jackson and I piled in the car - along with his Notre Dame Football that Uncle Greg gave him before he even arrived into this world - and headed for some little league football.

The game was lots of fun!  I laughed seeing my sister cringe at each time Griffin (or any kid for that matter) was at the bottom of the tackle.  Griffin's brother Hayden even kept Jackson and I entertained at half-time.  He is half-time show all in himself - he cracks me up!

Griffin looks so big in his "full pads" and even completed a "quaterback sneak!"  

I told Justin that is hard to believe that our little guy could be out there in a few years scoring touchdowns... or more like playing linebacker!  :)

Enjoy some photos from the big game!

Jackson, Kristen, Griffin, and Haden

Jackson and Hayden at Half Time

Jackson watching the game (he kept running onto the field!)

Griffin and Coach Pope - Greg is the Assistant Coach!

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deb said...

Thanks for coming to the game!