Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Deb!

Happy Birthday, Deb!

Monday is my sister's birthday.

Justin, Jackson, and I just returned from a family celebration in her honor. Our time together tonight was full of fun stories and laughter that reminded me why we all love her so much!

Deb is always the one sending me cards or nice e-mails when life gets me down or when I have a need to celebrate. In fact, I recently found a card from her that she sent to my dorm room my first year in college wishing me that I have kept all these years!

A couple of years ago Deb asked me to join her at the CMA awards as she and her co-host accepted their first CMA award as Radio Personalities of the Year. I was so excited to be at the big event - amongst all the country stars I listen to on the radio. While Deb and I still laugh about me shoving snacks in my purse while back stage (hey - I was 3 months pregnant), how I made her help me HUNT Carrie Underwood down so I could meet her, and how we were both taller than Kenny Chesney even with our heels off...still my best memory from that night is seeing my big sister accept her big award!!! I was and still am so proud!

Deb has a great sense of humor and is often our family comedian. Sometimes we are laughing with her..and there are often times we are laughing at her (the funniest stuff happens to her). I admire the way Deb is an open-book and is willing to share the good with the bad. She never minds sharing her stories about loosing her keys, leaving milk in the car, or how the starbucks-guy knows her by name.
Deb is a great mother, sister, and friend. I admire the way she
manages to be all three and so much more!

I want to wish Deb a very happy birthday! I hope
you enjoy your day and feel loved all day through!

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deb said...

Thanks for the kind words, Kris. Sweet of you. I enjoyed being with all of you yesterday!