Monday, August 3, 2009

Jackson's First Lovers Quarrel

Today Jackson had his first "Lovers Quarrel" at school.
Yes, funny...but very true.

When I picked him up today I saw "the dent" in his forehead right away.

The teacher explained what happened.

She explained that Jackson and one of the triplet girls were having a long "embrace."

I chuckled...but she was serious. She went on to explain the the little girl was done "embracing," but Jackson wasn't. Jackson wanted another hug and ran after her. As he was running, he fell and hit his head on a toy.

Thus, the dent on his head.

I hope she was worth it!

The teacher explained to me that she thinks Jackson is going "love the ladies"...I smiled and said,...."just like his Daddy."

Check out "The Dent" isn't a is a dent!


Anonymous said...

Well I hope this little chick was cute, heck if she is one of the triplets he just should have just hugged one of the others instead of getting a dent, poor baby :) Geez this 1st week of daycare is taking a toll on my baby, a double ear infection, a dent........what next? I think Grandma needs to rescue him :)

Kayla said...

He is so darn precious -- the ladies are going to love him right back. Bruiser just doesn't know.