Thursday, January 8, 2009

Santa delivered!

Olivia on Santa's lap this year at Christmas.

This year, while sitting on Santa's lap, my niece Olivia asked that she received straight A's for Christmas.

Most kids were asking for a Wii, a toy car, or the latest and greatest baby doll that pees and poops...but not Liv, she wanted straight A's.

Justin and I just got word that Santa delivered on his promise.

Liv brought home a report card with all A's...even in Math (She dislikes Math - all the women in our family do).

We couldn't be prouder of Olivia. Way to go, Liv!

Her parents offered to take her out to dinner to celebrate...she chose Bennihanna's! Her Aunt "Kicken" has taught her well. Not only is she smart...she has expensive taste! :)
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