Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jackson's First Hair Cut

Note: Use your speakers for the slide show. You can view the slideshow in large screen through the Picasa Web Albums link on the right of blog.

Today, Justin and I took Jackson to get his first hair cut. We were recommended to go to Cookie Cutters for the "First Hair Cut." So we did. It went great...and Jackson did great! Jackson got a certificate for doing so well. The certificate included a lock of hair for the baby book!

Of course, Justin couldn't leave the salon without buying some "product" for Jackson's hair. Like father-like son!

Enjoy the slide show above of just "some" of the photos I took. The stylist asked Justin and I if Jackson was our first child. As if my photo taking and Justin's video taping didn't give it away. :)

Below is just part of the video we took. Check out how great he did. By the way, that isn't the Paparazzi at Cookie Cutters...that is me just taking photos of my baby boy!

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Grandpa John said...

Jackson, I like you new look.
Kind of a linebacker look!
I love you.

Jessica said...

What a big boy Jackson! Looks good!