Thursday, January 1, 2009

Griswold...I mean Bixler/Symmes Family Christmas...

Justin and I had a few things on the “after Christmas to-do” list…so I have taken some time from blogging to help finish off that list.

So…now I finally have time to tell you all about our “Griswold” family…I mean Bixler/Symmes family Christmas…

Most of you know, my family has been through a lot these past few months. We dreaded the holidays. This was my Dad’s favorite time of the year. It was for two reasons: 1.) He knew his family would be together. 2.) He loved to watch the magic of Christmas through his Grandchildren.

This year, we knew we couldn’t do “Christmas as usual”…because it just wouldn’t be the same without my Dad there to greet everyone with his usual “Christmas spirit.”

We discussed going away for the holidays. We couldn’t agree on when, where, or for how long. So we stayed in town. We did agree we couldn’t do Christmas and my parent’s house. It would be too hard. I knew I would feel like Dad should walk in any minute to wish us all a Merry Christmas.

Michelle and Tom came to our rescue. They offered to host our family at their house for Christmas. We bunkered down at their house for a couple of days. We exchanged gifts, made dinner, ate, ate, and ate some more. We drank red wine (even Grandma Evy kept asking for a refill)…and we spilt red wine (Sorry, Michelle).

It wasn't the same without my Dad. However, I am so proud of my family for finding joy in what was a very difficult holiday. It is what Dad would have wanted.

Friday, my Uncle Tom and Aunt Lee Ann came over to celebrate the holiday. It was great to see them and my cousins at a time we were all missing my Dad so much. They even joined us as we continued our new tradition of toasting to my Dad with glass bottled cokes! It seemed so fitting that they be there for that too!

Thanks to everyone in my family who kept me laughing or let me cry this past holiday.

We got through it together.

Dad would be so proud!

P.S. A special thanks to the Boyd Family for hosting everyone. Even Olivia and Madeline gave up their bedrooms for two days and camped out in sleeping bags. It was great for all of us to be together! Michelle and Tom, your home looked beautiful and your hospitality was wonderful!
The Boyd Family Tree was beautiful!

We even had gift baskets on each of our beds!

P.S.S Michelle- Justin says he is still gathering the family consensus on whether or not you can host next year...we'll let you know! :)

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