Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It Must Have Been the Dinosaur Pajamas!

We have been watching Jackson "take-off" with the walker the past couple of weeks. Tonight was no exception. In fact, after putting on his PJs....he was starting to show off.

Justin grabbed the camera...and Jackson turned on the smile.

Here is a short clip of our talented baby boy!

P.S. Thanks to all who called to check on Jackson last week after I posted the clip of him trying out the walker for the first time. He was just fine. I promise...Not even a bruise!

P.S.S. Yes...We still have our Christmas tree up (we're thinking of adding hearts for Valentine's Day)...and yes, I have on polar bear PJs. They are my favorite...I wasn't planning on being on camera tonight! :)

1 comment:

Jason & Nadia Paul: said...

Way to go, Jackson!!! It's gotta be the PJs.

By the way... our tree is still up, too! If you find those heart ornaments, let me know. :)