Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A letter to Jackson

Dear Jackson,

I write this on a very historic day. Today, the first African American president took the oath of office as the 44th President of the United States of America.

Tonight, your Dad and I have been glued to the television. We wanted to see every bit of coverage we could to see of this monumental event.

I cannot help but think how you will one day read about today in history books.

I grew up having different political views than my parents (for the most part). While I write this, I look at you playing with your toys and I wonder what your political views will be.

No matter what your views will be…I hope you value your right to have a view. I hope your father and I teach you what a privilege it is to be able to express your opinion freely. I hope we teach you to speak out when you are passionate about something, and yet respect others when their views differ from yours.

No matter what your political views will be…I hope you grow up to realize what exactly took place today.

Most importantly, I hope we help you grow to be the kind of man who is proud to be an American.

Tonight, your Dad sat you on his lap tonight and told you what a great country we live in. He explained to you that when we think things are going bad for us, we need to remember there are other countries who don't have our freedoms. He wants you to know how lucky we are to be Americans.

Today, your father and I know exactly how lucky we are.

I love you more than you know.


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