Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bixler Family Christmas…

Justin and I joined the Bixler family at Penny and John’s late on Christmas Eve.

Justin’s brother, Todd, was home for the holiday with his dog, Sydney. We came with two dogs…and in case you are loosing count…that is 3 dogs and 3 cats (the cats belong to Penny and John). Justin and I joke at the holidays that we give the Zoo a run for its money!

Christmas morning, we did as we always do (and what the Bixler kids have done for years)…a picture on the stairs. This tradition caught me off guard when I started spending Christmas with the Bixler’s. You see, the women in my family never allow their photo taken before they have had a chance to put on “a little lipstick.” Right, ladies? None the less, I join in for the photo each year and make sure we get one with our camera too.

Jackson loved opening his presents…again the wrapping paper and the boxes were the best! Grandma Penny and Grandpa John showered Jackson with such neat toys. However, we have come to realize that all the toys have the same voice and since Jackson loves them so much…we hear that voice over and over and over! Thanks so much Penny and John!

After we opened presents, we got dressed and headed to Grandma Marge’s for Christmas lunch with the Creason’s (Penny’s family). Of course, Justin and I ate way too much, but we enjoyed our visit with family.

All of Justin’s family bought Jackson such adorable things. He got pj’s, toys, a bowl set, and books. He has enjoyed them all. We couldn’t be more grateful.

The Creason’s have always put a twist in their Christmas exchange. The rule is, if it is from “Santa” you must try it on and model the item for everyone to see. This year, Santa was really good to Penny and the newest member of the family, John (recently married Justin’s cousin, Erin). Check out the photos below!

We had such a great time with Justin’s family. This group is always good for a great laugh and such fun at the holidays! Thanks to all who helped make Jackson’s first Christmas wonderful!

To see all of our Christmas pictures – visit our online web album (link on right of blog).

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