Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hand Crafted by Papaw Mike...and Uncle Tom

Today marks five months since I lost my Dad.
In honor of my Dad, I am not going to focus on what I have lost. Instead, I would like to tell you about something I have received.

A few years ago, my Dad decided he was "making" Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews that year. I remember him telling Justin and I he was making the girls jewelry boxes and making the boys banks. I have to admit, I was a little concerned. You see, my Dad didn't come off as the best with wood working (he was afraid of the saw). But he was determined. He wanted them to have something just from him.

He got so excited in the weeks leading up to Christmas. He even ordered a wood burning stamp to label each gift. The stamp read "Hand Crafted by Papaw Mike." My Dad was so proud of his stamp...he was so proud to be a Grandpa.

When my Dad died I was overcome with grief for myself. On top of that, I was devastated for Jackson that he would never get to know what an amazing Grandpa his Papaw Mike truly was. I want more than anything for Jackson to be able to know how much my Dad loved him.

This Christmas I received several items in honor of my Dad. My mom gifted us with Christmas ornaments with my Dad's photo that we will cherish each Christmas. My sister, Deb, gifted Jackson with a picture frame showcasing a photo of me napping with my Dad (my favorite photo) as a child along with a photo of Jackson napping with my Dad.

The day after Christmas, Jackson received another gift. My Uncle Tom came to visit with my family. He handed me a gift and said, "Your Dad started this and I finished it...I wanted Jackson to have it." I opened it. It was Jackson's bank...just like the other grandson's, Jackson now had his bank. The best part? It even included the stamp, "Hand crafted by Papaw Mike." Uncle Tom explained to me that my Dad had ordered all the parts to make Jackson's bank. He just didn't have a chance to assemble it.
So Uncle Tom came to the rescue. I can only imagine how hard it was for him. Truth be told, Uncle Tom helped my Dad with all the other banks and jewlry boxes. It was something they enjoyed together. Dad always insisted Tom help him with these projects. Tom never said no. I think they both liked having a reason to spend time together.

I know my Dad wouldn't have wanted anyone, but Uncle Tom, to build Jackson's bank.

I will be sure to tell Jackson how his bank was "Hand Crafted by Papaw Mike...and Uncle Tom."
Thank you, Uncle Tom, for this special gift. It is yet another reason to keep my Dad's spirit alive in our household. I look at the bank each time I'm in Jackson's room. I can't wait to explain to Jackson that it was made from love.


McCord Family said...

I love this story and I am so glad that Jackson will have this special gift for his lifetime. Who knows he may even pass it down to his own son one day!!!

deb said...

Uncle Tom is very special, and it's no wonder that he's Dad's brother.

Loved seeing the photo of Jackson with his bank. Brought tears to my eyes.

Love you all,

Jessica said...

Krissy... I am so glad you have the family you do. Not only your imediate but your extended. You are blessed with wonderful people in your life. I have tears reading about Jackson's bank. So sweet. Much love!!