Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jackson's Hero - Gary Harris!

Many of you know about Jackson's love for sports.  He doesn't have a favorite sport - perhaps his "favorite" sport is what ever sport we have him currently enrolled in.  However, Jackson DOES have a favorite athlete.  Gary Harris.

Who is Gary Harris?  Well some may know and some may not.  Last year, Gary Harris was Hamilton Southeastern's (our local high school) leading basketball player (he was also pretty great at football too).  He was also named Indiana's  Mr. Basketball last year.  Justin and I spent many Friday nights taking Jackson to the HSE basketball games.  Jackson was in awe.  I even stood in line in the freezing cold to get sectional tickets to watch HSE play in sectionals.  Most Mom's rush to buy Disney on Ice tickets, or tickets to the newest Cars movie...not me...I stood in line for high school basketball tickets. :)

Justin, Jackson, and Pop at Sectionals.  Go Royals!

National Anthem

At home - Watching the "Buzzer Beater" by Gary Harris that won the game!  
He watched it over and over and over...

Unfortunately, HSE lost sectionals in the end and Jackson was missing our Friday night Basketball games.  Justin and I thought he might enjoy seeing an NBA game.  The Pacers were playing at home and at the last minute we all hopped in the car headed downtown.  Three tickets actually weren't that badly priced and I settled in my seat ready to watch a good game.  However, up hops Justin and Jackson to head to the souvenir stand.  I followed....wondering what Justin had in store.  

We got wrist bands...

We got noise makers...

 We even got a jersey...


 All thanks to Daddy!

So one would think this would be a perfect night four a four year old little boy obsessed with sports.  Don't get me wrong, Jackson was impressed.  But we could tell Larry Bird and his "boys" had nothing on the HSE Royals and Gary Harris in Jackson's mind.  Until....the announcer announced that this year's Mr. Basketball was in the building (Gary's photo was projected on the big screen in the stadium)...now that was something to be excited over!  Jackson lit up right away.  From that moment on - it was as if Jackson thought "if Gary is here - it must be a big deal!"

And...look who we ran into on our way out of the game!  Now...Jackson's night was complete!  Its sad to report, I almost teared up when Jackson met him - the same way I did when Jackson met Mickey Mouse for the first time.  Gary Harris truly is Jackson's hero!

Gary Harris and Jackson!!

P.S.  This summer Jackson's school held an Art Show.  All the children were asked to draw a picture of their hero.  Most girls drew pictures of princesses and most boys drew pictures of bat man or spider man...Not Jackson.  It was no surprise to us when we walked in and saw Jackson's "Hero."

Jackson's "Hero" Picture for the Pre-School Art Show

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