Monday, September 17, 2012

Back To Blogging! its been a few months since Easter (our last post).  And A LOT has happened in our family since then.  One major change is my lack of free time (AKA blog time).  Why the lack of blog time? Oh, many reasons. Let's start with the fact that my baby boy who was once happy bouncing in his bouncer while I filled you all in on the happenings of our family has turned into a little boy who loves to be pitched to, played with, or even snuggled with during his favorite show - The Voice.  My point, Jackson is one very active boy - who never wants to miss out on an ounce of fun!  And that, my friends, leaves me with very little "blog time".

Another reason is I used to work a desk job.  Those days did provide a little more blog time (Eek!  My old boss is probably reading this...).  These days, I work as a sales rep and I am on the road most days.  Those of you who know me best, know that I don't need to be texting and driving - let alone blogging and driving.  :)  When I finish my day on the road - most nights end in paperwork (I usually spend most nights cursing paperwork. )

And lastly, Jackson doesn't sleep.  Ok....sure he sleeps.  But, not like most four year olds.  Our little guy watches the 10 o'clock news with us.  Sure, we've tried to enforce an earlier bed time.  But our problem lies with pre-school (always easier to blame others, right).  They insist Jackson take a two-hour nap each day - which makes it hard for him to be an "early to bed" kind of kid.  And these days - once he finally hits the sheets...I'm not too far behind (Justin usually beats Jackson to bed!).

There are probably many other reasons that keep me from blogging more often like Pinterest, Facebook, great neighbors who are always available a glass of wine and girl talk, living close to family and friends again, my ability to allow laundry to pile up until I have to lock myself in our house until every inch of clothing this family owns is clean.  So perhaps, I have a time management issue....

Whatever the reasons - I'm making a change...I'm going back to blogging.  This way you can stay up to date on what sport Jackson is currently obsessed with, my latest pinterest project (or recipe that I destroy), and Justin's latest landscaping or house project.

Over the next few days I will be posting many updates:  Jackson's 4th birthday, our St. Petersburg vacation, Jackson's first season as a Little League baseball player, Jackson's swimming lessons, and other exciting news.

Stay Tuned!

Summer Fun!

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