Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jackson's 4th Birthday!

Jackson turned 4 in May.  Four...4...not 3....4!  He was officially no longer a baby or toddler.  At four, he was just a little boy.  A little boy obsessed with sports, full of energy and laughter,  and way to eager to grow up!  I want to bottle up this age - all the questions, funny comments, and innocence that still remains.  I am trying to remember to enjoy every minute - because my little boy will be a big boy soon.

As always, we spent a night celebrating with family and close friends.  We are so lucky to have such great people who love Jackson and join us for each year for dinner and presents.  This year, we topped off the party with a baseball cupcake-cake.  It was perfect!

This year- I also promised Jackson we would host his very first "friend party"...a party where he created the guest list and Justin and I entertained his friends for an afternoon!

Months before Jackson's birthday I decided it would be fun to throw a "Carnival Themed" birthday party for Jackson.  As the planning began, I started researching carnival games I could create at home.  Instantly, I asked Justin to build the Grand Prize Game from the Bozo show.  Of course, we had to have a duck pond, a "Knock em' Down" game...and when I had to out rule a dunk tank due to cost...I signed Justin up to participate in the "Pie in the face" game.  Perfect for him, right?  :)

As Jackson made out his guest list, I called on family members to help with the party.  A big thanks to Aunt Deb for the Popcorn Cupcakes.  I loved that Jackson's friends came in and thought they were actually popcorn! Justin's parents were a huge help.  "Pop" built the balloon dart board and the photo booth where the kids got to play dress up.  A big thanks to all of my nieces and nephews who helped work each game.  Also, a thank you is owed to Justin's sister, Ashley for helping the kids with their tattoo's.  Mamaw Penny was busy in the kitchen serving hot dogs!

A big hit at the party was the bounce house of course!  I am fairly certain I could have just rented a bounce house and all of the kids would have been happy!

AND...who leaves a carnival without a fish!  Each of Jackson's friends left with a fish to take home as a pet.  Though like some carnival fish - some fish didn't make it but a few days.  However, our fish - Royal- is still going strong!

A Carnival themed party was a lot of work - but, as always, very worth it.  I loved seeing the kids have fun...and sometimes home-made games are more fun, right?

I had to travel for work on Jackson's actual birthday.  So I stayed home from work the day before and allowed Jackson a day to play outside with his friends.  We even got out the slip and slide his buddy Ryne gave him as a birthday gift.  I loved watching all the boys have fun! :)

At preschool, Justin and I brought in Chocolate Chip cookies from Paradise (Jackson's favorite) for all of the kids and sang happy birthday!  He was elated!

Check out our video of all the birthday fun!  - Note: Check out Jackson's Hamilton Southeastern Athletic Garage sign he received from Aunt Deb and Uncle Greg.  Jackson loves to drive through Fishers and look for the "Royals Signs"...he is so pleased he has his own now.  He keeps asking when we are going to put his up above our garage like all of the other high school athletes! :)

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!

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