Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby Bixler

If you don't mind - I'd like to take a break on getting you up to date on the exciting things that happened this summer to share one very important thing that happened to us in May!

As a bit of a "surprise" - but not exactly - we found out we were expecting Baby Bixler #2.  Baby Bixler #2 was certainly in our summer plans...but we thought he/she would make their debut in August or September.  However, this baby had a mind of its own (doesn't every Bixler that I know)!  So in May, we found out we would be welcoming a baby into our home in February 2013.

Baby Bixler #2 has us all very excited.  No one more than Jackson. In fact, if you ask him - HE is having the baby.  He will tell you that "my baby will be here after Christmas!"  Jackson has tons of questions about the baby...mainly, "Exactly how did God put the baby in your belly, Mom?"  We assure Jackson God knows that Mommy and Daddy love each other very much and he gave us another baby.  He will then reply with - "yes, but HOW did he put my baby in your belly.  Oh boy!

Telling Jackson our news with a very special gift.  His very first "Big Brother" T-shirt.  
He was so excited that he would be the "oldest!"

Telling our families was more than fun.  In fact, I think some had counted on Jackson being an only child.  While we took our time enjoying Jackson - it was never our intention to not grow our family.  In fact, it was our dream.

Many of you know that Jackson is super close to his cousins.  I love that they all differ in age - yet have remained such a tight group.  The "Cousin Club" is known for their theme song (many of you have heard it) and their Cousin sleep-overs.  Jackson couldn't wait to tell his cousins about adding a new member to the "club" very soon.

The Cousin Club

We made the announcement on July 4th with allowing each Cousin to open a gift.  They were thrilled to have Cousin Club t-shirts...but one gift bag included a onesie in it for the baby...after a few seconds my sisters and my mother ran around the room screaming (those who know us well, will not be surprised by this)!  It took a few seconds for the men to realize what was going on...but immediately we were all very excited.  Jackson then announced: "I'm gonna be a big brother!"

We couldn't be happier about BB#2.  However, its been so long that Justin and I are afraid we forget what its like to have such a tiny baby.  Hopefully, its like riding a bike - and we will remember right away!  :)  Bring on the diapers, the bottles, and the very little sleep (for Justin - ha!)

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