Thursday, September 20, 2012

Boy or Girl??? Our Gender Reveal

Since finding out BB#2 was on its way, Justin and I battled whether we wanted to find out the gender of the baby.  I didn't want to.  I will have a scheduled c-section and felt like we should leave something as a surprise.

But as the pregnancy did Justin's need to know.  Once we knew Jackson was a boy - Justin was in total "Dad Mode."  He said he needed to know the gender this time to feel close to the baby.  How could I turn him down?  The decision was made - we would find out whether we would be bringing home a boy or a girl.

Our ultrasound was scheduled.  Our plan was to have the ultrasound and if the baby looked healthy and all was good - have the tech show us the gender - just as we did with Jackson.  But, this time was different.  I wanted it to be special for Jackson.  After all - who knows if he will ever get another brother or sister.  I wanted it to be exciting and special ... something he could remember.

So I called Brand Photo Design (literally a week before my ultrasound) - who has photographed our family since Jackson was born - and asked them if they would be willing to help with our Gender Reveal.  Brooke and Dan Brand couldn't have been sweeter to our family and helped make this Reveal such a special time for us.

On the day of the ultra sound, we arrived at the doctor's office as a family.  Checked out the baby (who by the way does not enjoy pictures - that will need to change) and got the news that everything looked great.  I asked the tech to seal the gender in the envelope and I drove it over to Brand Photo Design right away.  I DID NOT PEEK!

That evening - we met up with Dan for a quick photo session so he could capture our reveal.  I will forever be grateful to Brand for helping us capture such a neat moment.  Jackson was so excited and is still talking about it.

I will never forget the moment the gender was revealed...

It's a Boy!  Another boy for the Bixler Bunch!  And Suddenly our family felt complete.  I couldn't be happier that we know what we are having....just knowing that soon we will bring home another son and a brother for Jackson seems just perfect.

Jackson immediately grabbed a balloon and we have kept it for the baby book.  Jackson said the rest of the balloons went to heaven so Papaw Mike and Mamaw Margie would knew he was getting a brother.  Sounds perfect to me!  :)

I will cherish these photos forever.  Just knowing they captured us at the moment we realized that Justin and I will raise two boys.  We couldn't have felt luckier in that moment.  Sure, there was talk about how it would be nice to have a girl - one of each.  But its so funny how the minute you know what you are having - it just doesn't matter.  Another Bixler Boy sounds perfect to us!

We captured some other family photos and laughed with Jackson about being a big brother.  When we drove back into our neighborhood our neighbors were waiting outside to hear the news.  Jackson stuck his head out the car window along with his blue balloon and shouted "I'm getting a baby brother!"  Hearing his sweet voice shout those words took me to lucky are we??!!!

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride as we navigate life with two boys!  The journey is sure going to be fun!

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