Tuesday, April 6, 2010

T'was the Night before Easter....

...and we colored Eggs!

It just isn't Easter if you don't color eggs.  I can remember doing just that with my parents and sisters each Easter.  Jackson was a little too young to do it last year - so I was super excited that he would be interested this year.

Of course, my independent little guy insisted he try to do it on his own.  I waited patiently until he realized that he would need my help with part of the fun.  Check out the video below to hear about Jackson's visit with the Easter Bunny at achool.  

...And while the camera was rolling - Jackson decided to show off a little.  He's been working on some pick-up lines.  I think he's taking tips from his Daddy!  Oh dear!



Stacey B. said...

I LOL when I saw the picture of Jackson face with Justin in the egg. Priceless!

McCord Family said...

He is so cute!! Love you Jackson :)

Lori said...

hahaha. Next thing I know you're going to be posting some videos of Jackson throwing up the Diamond!