Friday, April 23, 2010

No more crib - No more baby!

It has started.

I'm talking about Jackson's transition from Baby - to official "Big Boy" status.

Since Jackson was super proud of himself for climbing out of his crib - (he talked about it for two dayS.) I asked Grandpa John to come over help us transition Jackson's crib to a toddler bed. It melted my heart a little to know that we wouldn't have a full-crib in his room any longer. Just another sign that my "Baby" isn't a baby so much.

Last night was Jackson's first night in this toddler bed. He quickly learned he could get out. We were up a lot. But this morning Jackson told his teachers all about his big boy bed. He seems to be very proud - while I wipe away a tear or two! :)

I think we might have a battle on our hands as far as getting him to STAY in bed. But like all of the rest of this parenthood stuff ... we'll take it one day at a time.

But for now - no more crib....SNIFF, SNIFF! :(

Next on the agenda - take away the pacifier. But I'm waiting until after vacation. I'm certain the folks on our plane will appreciate that!

P.S. A big thanks to Grandpa John (AKA - "POP") for helping us out on this one! :)


Anonymous said...

Kristen - When my kids went to a toddler bed we put a gate in front of their bedroom door so that they would learn to stay in their room. Of course they would yell from the gate but no more surprises of them in your room.

Hope this idea will work for you to.

Cassie Kirkpatrick

The Buening Family said...

I love this stage, but it is oh so tiring. I hope the transition goes smoothly. We are prolonging the move as long as possible with our daughter.

McCord Family said...

I obviously have know advice...but once you figure it out, if you could fill me in on the tips before this time next year that would be great!! Thanks for being my mentor and good luck ;)