Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Still Celebrating...

It is still Birthday Week at our house...and we are still celebrating each night.

Last night - we had a picnic at the park and played on the playground despite the cold temperatures. Jackson had tons of fun while Mommy and Daddy froze on the bench.

Tonight, Jackson sat very still while he got his hair cut (much needed - even hair product couldn't control that mess). We also spent time with the Boyd family as Justin helped Tom lay mulch (the least we could do since the are letting us use their home for Jackson's birthday party).

Jackson decided he wanted to take a bath at Aunt Shel's. Maddie was nice enough to let Jackson borrow some PJ's to wear home. To Maddie - PJ's are cheer shorts and a cheer shirt - see the photo below! LOVED IT...if he only had pig-tails! :)

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Anonymous said...

I knew he would be a scots cheerleader after all!!!! It just runs in the family :)