Monday, April 12, 2010


Justin, Jackson and I recently met up with some friends for dinner at Benihana. Benihana has always been a favorite for this group of friends. However, we are usually a small group of 6 or 8. Not this time! This time we were FIVE adults - and FOUR children. Benihana didn't know what hit them!

Jackson enjoyed seeing his friends - while the adults tried to remember what we used to talk about when it was just us at the table! :)

Enjoy some photos from our evening!

Jackson and Addison Charles loving the Benihana experience! A big thanks to Addi for keeping Jackson entertained.
Jackson also insisted on "helping" Kristin carry Baby Kooper
into the resturaunt! It was too cute!

The Noah's came back to our place after dinner and Jackson got to spend some extra time with Baby Brennan. This little baby has the most define features I have ever seen. Jackson was sporting Chubby cheeks when he was Brennan's age...not this little man! How cute is he!?!
Jackson loved spending time with Brennan.
They were "fist bumping" like old pals by the end of the night!

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