Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Why is the week leading up to a vacation so hectic?
Perhaps it is so you will appreciate the week away even more.

Not a lot of time to post this week. We are busy packing and preparing for a week away.

However, here is a quick update on our week.

Jackson is still making us laugh each day. He certainly knows the word "no" and is very dramatic at shaking his head to get his point across. He is quite partial to the VeggieTales DVD that Aunt Shel bought him for Christmas last year. In fact, I am attempting to catch him on camera dancing along with these singing vegetables. Jackson's appetite has taken off and one needs to be warned if he/she is eating watermelon, cantaloupe, or cheese! Jackson will want it and he doesn't want to share! :)

We have officially signed Jackson up for pre-school. We have enrolled him at Learning Time Pre-school in Geist. He will start in August and we are super excited for Jackson to begin school. We look forward to him coming home and showing us what he has learned each week.

In the next couple of weeks, Justin and I need to make some decisions regarding where we are living. Our lease is up in mid-July and we are moving back to the north-side of Indy. Those of you who know me well...know that I have wanted this for a long time. Justin and I are so excited to be close to our family and friends again. I am smiling just typing this!

We are busy packing and preparing for vacation. I can't wait to come back and tell you all about our vacation...
Stay Tuned...

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Jason & Nadia said...

We hope you have a wonderful vacation! :)

Have fun!!!
Jason & Nadia