Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Great Summer Weekend!

Jamie, Sara, Kristen

Justin, Adam, Dallas

Jackson - loving the warm water!

Justin, Jackson and I had a great weekend.

It felt like summer had officially arrived.

Our weekend was full of fun.

Friday we started the weekend off with an Indians Game. Jackson has become a favorite on the suite level at Victory field. He goes in and out of each suite to see who has the best food. Justin and I spent most of our night chasing after him. We both voted that we might have to get a baby-sitter the next time we we can actually report who won instead what each suite was serving. :)

Our Saturday night plans made me feel like summer was officially here. We attended the Rascal Flatts concert with great friends. It was great to spend some time with Sara and Adam and Dallas and Jamie. I will admit, I enjoyed the company more than the concert this year. (Not sure why - but Rascal Flatts just weren't that good). However, it really was great to see our friends and get to laugh and catch up. My favorite part of the night was some of the fashions that were displayed at the concert. Jamie and Sara also provided some good commentary to go along with the fashion show! :)

Today, Jackson and my Mom and I "broke into" Michelle and Tom's house (they were out of town) and went for a swim. I had stopped by the night before and turned the pool heater up so it was nice and warm for Jackson. I wouldn't say he is a "water bug" just yet, but he did enjoy himself. I'm sure by the end of summer he will be loving it...he just isn't sure what to think yet.

My mom is staying with us tonight and we have already been out to enjoy a wagon ride. I am just loving this great weather. Jackson loves being outside!

Here is hoping for a great week...and more great weather!
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Stacey B. said...

You let your husband leave the house in that shirt? He's 29 going on 13!! :)