Sunday, October 19, 2008


Lately, we have been noticing that Jackson has been watching us eat. Bite by bite he almost glares at us as if to say, "where is mine?".
Last week, he even reached for my broccoli. We got the message! It is time to try some baby food. The formula and cereal just isn't cutting it anymore. We were trying to wait until he was 6 months old like the doctor suggested...but I'm not sure our little "beefcake" liked that idea.

I went to the store today and came home with a "yellow" vegetable just like to book says. But, who eats squash? Not me, and surely not my son. I was wrong. He loved it! In fact, Penny and John were here when he tried it and Penny mentioned he probably wouldn't eat the whole jar. Jackson proved her wrong. I couldn't give it to him fast enough. When I wasn't quick enough he decided to chew on the tray of the high chair. :)

Get this boy to a buffet!

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Nickie Eisele said...

Yeah, Jackson! You're such a big boy! Tell Mommy and Daddy the best part of eating all of the yummy food is the wonderful poopy diapers that you'll have from now on! Love you guys!

deb said...

Mmmmmm...bring on the sweet potatoes!

Love ya Jackson,
Aunt Deb