Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More of Jackson's latest photo shoot...

As I promised, here are the other photos from our session with The Picture People. I went planning on just leaving with some wallet photos...just like always, I couldn't resist Jackson' s smile.

Check out the other photos below. Could you resist it?

This was the first time we've had Jackson' photos taken where we were able to get him to smile instantly! I wish you all could have seen Justin, Ashley, and myself making funny faces, playing the "I'm gonna get you" game, and dancing to make Jackson giggle. We were quite a sight!

P.S. Ashley, thanks for all your help!


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you would decide what to buy! I think I would have to buy every one of the pictures!! They are all awesome!!


Jessy said...

All of these are GREAT pictures!! You have the cutest son in the world!!

Love ya, Jess

deb said...

Love those cheeks! My fave is the bottom one in his track suit. His hair is adorable.

Aunt Deb

Anonymous said...

I miss Jackson, I need to see him soon!!!! I love the pictures, he and his parents are beautiful.


Aunt Ashley said...

I love him so much! I would do anything to help!