Monday, October 6, 2008

Our first family get-away!

Things have been a bit crazy lately at the Bixler household. Justin and I decided to take a few days and get away as a family. Our destination? Cincinnati, OH. We visited the Newport Aquarium, ate at our favorite restaurant -Montgomery Inn- went swimming at the hotel, and even took in a fall festival.

At Montgomery Inn for dinner

Hanging out with Dad

Sleeping in Mom and Dad's bed

Swimming in the hotel pool.

Jackson was a trooper through it all. He really liked looking at all the colorful fish. I even think he was quite fond of the turtle. It was so exciting to see his expression with all the neat sights.
With the Newport Aquarium Mascots

Justin showing Jackson the fish

Swim little fish! Swim!

Jackson loving the turtle

I'm not sure Jackson enjoyed the Sunflower festival. It was really hot and he wasn't loving the farm animals...neither were we (it was pretty obvious we are not country folk)! However, Jackson did fall in love with a sunflower puppet. Of course, Justin couldn't leave without it...and we now own one! :) Justin is such a softie!

Justin and Jackson and the stinky chickens

Jackson and Mom taking a break because we were hot!

My new sunflower puppet! Thanks Dad!

Our trip reminded me of trips my family would take when I was young (except Deb wasn't there to be amazed that the hotel had phones in the bathroom). Justin and I both commented how fun it will be to do it more often and create great memories as Jackson grows.

It was great to finally get to spend time with just the three of us. Life has been a little crazy for couple of months. We really needed to spend some time as a family.

Justin and Jackson,

Thanks for making my weekend so wonderful. You both make me laugh and smile...and I needed it!
I love you both!

Check out the rest of our photos in the Web Album -

P.S. I will post a video of Jackson swimming tomorrow. It is past my bedtime!

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Anonymous said...

Well you guys looked like you had a great time, and Jackson if of course the most adorable baby ever!!! I can't believe he is 5 months already..........I enjoyed picaso too!!
Love you guys.............