Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Calling all Handymen!

He could have at least changed out of his work
clothes before he tore our house down.

We're moving.

I'm sure you have heard us celebrating down here in Bloomington. You might have also heard Justin complaining about the people buying the house. Their inspection didn't go as easily as our last house. We met them half way with the items we agreed to fix (our house is a year bad could it be)....and we still have a list a mile long.

We close in a week. Yes, one week from today...So, we figured we better get busy.

This photo is what I came home to today. There were a couple minor things wrong with our railing to our front porch. It was caused by the house settling. Nothing we could have prevented. I imagined a new screw here, or a nail to hammer there. But Justin doesn't keep projects that simple. Instead, both sides of the hand rails are now OFF our house. He dismantled the whole thing. He then looked at me and said, I think I may need my Dad to help with this one. :)

Did I mention we close one week from today...geez!
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