Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Father

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. I haven't felt like I had much good news to report. Then, I realized that this was a blog to post about what Justin, Jackson, and I were up to. So, I guess you get the good, the bad, and the ugly. I recently lost my father as most of you know.

Also, most of you know that he was more than my father, he was my best friend. I could count on him for anything. I would love to tell you all the many stories that shows the kind of father he was....and I may just do that from time to time. For now, I will share one that has been on my mind.

My sisters and I have been discussing how much we leaned on Dad. He was our "go-to-guy" when we needed advice, directions, a handy-man, a sounding board, a baby-sitter, a landscaper, a carpenter, a decorator, an accountant, a historian, a comedian, a tutor, a coach, a driver....i could go on and on. Whatever we needed, he could do it. If he couldn't - he would learn how.

For example, when we were decorating Jackson's nursery Justin came to me with a picture of bead board. I had seen it in catalogs, but never dreamed it would become the main project at our house for a while. My immediate thought was we will hire
someone to do it. Justin said "No, we'll just ask your Dad how to do it". Justin asked him. With confidence, Dad said, "Sure, we can do it ourselves". Dad made me feel like he had done it a million times. That was not the case. :) In the weeks leading up to "Operation Nursery" I learned that Dad had been spending his free-time reading up on how to do bead-board and chair rail. He even researched it online. He also went to my Uncle Tom (the one who really knew how to do it -tee hee) and asked him to join us on our mission. Justin's Dad came down and joined our work crew. My Dad was so excited....but didn't know what he was doing! He didn't care. He wanted to help build his Grandson's nursery. Justin and I came to him with a question, he read up on it, and figured it out. Jackson's nursery is better because of the work they all did that day. I will be forever grateful. My dad wasn't a carpenter...but he wanted to have the answer to our decorating issue....and he did. Once again, Dad saved the day.

Yesterday, I mentioned to my mom how much I leaned on dad. She replied, "He loved every minute of it." So did I.

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