Sunday, August 24, 2008

Many Thanks!

I can't imagine the past couple weeks without our wonderful friends and family. They have been our rock as we have suffered the loss of my Dad.

I would have never imagined that there were words that would comfort me. Yet, my friends and family found the right words to say. Thank you.

Also, thank you to all who came to the visitation and/or to the service. Each of you brought a bright smile and an assurance that we would get through this. I saw faces that I knew would be there...I saw faces that I hadn't seen in years. Friends sent flowers, e-mails, letters, and cards which they will never know how much they meant.

As I try to navigate life without my Dad I know I have great friends and family to lean on. A simple "Thank You" doesn't seem to be enough. But for now, "Thank you!"


Anonymous said...

Your dad would be so proud of you right now as always. He was the go to guy for so many people and there's not a day goes by that he won't be missed by all of us!! Love you guys, Penny

Melissa Walti said...


This is beautiful and I feel sums up your Dad in a great way - you were always such a great writer. I have nothing but lovely memories of Mike and think if he and your family every day...I hope each day gets easier and the love that you all have for each other continues to help you through.

Melissa Walti

deb said...

I love you, Kristen. I love what you wrote.


Amy Hoagland said...


Our thoughts are with you. Your dad was a wonderful man who will be missed by everyone who knew him. He will live on in you through your quick wit and humor, your laugh and your smile. Just know our words may not always be enough to comfort you but know we are here for you anytime. Take care of yourself and that precious little gift...Mr. Jackson.

Amy Hoagland