Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Get Well Soon, Campbell!

Justin and I wanted to post some get well wishes for adorable Campbell Quire.

Campbell is the daughter of our good friends Jessica and Jeremy. She had surgery at Riley yesterday for Sleep Apnea. Campbell is a strong little girl and we hear she is doing well.

We wish Campbell, Jess, and Jeremy all the best!


Jessica said...

Campbell came home today after having her tonsils,adenoids, larynx lasered, and tube replaced in her left ear. She had to have oxygen after the surgery for several hours but is overall doing great. Now if we can just keep up on all the pain meds that is another story. Glad to hear Jackson is feeling better too. love- Jessica, Jeremy, and Campbell

deb said...

Glad Campbell is ok, Jessica.

Kris...I LOVE the picture of Jackson sucking his thumb. TOO CUTE!