Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's official...Jackson is a thumb sucker!

From the moment Jackson was born we have tried to get him to take a pacifier. I figured it would be easier to get rid of when he was older....I can't exactly "get rid" of his thumb. However, he is a stubborn little guy and won't give up on his thumb.

Jackson enjoying his thumb!

Grandma Penny is staying with us this week. She went shopping yesterday and came home with the "remedy" for Jackson's thumb sucking...mittens. However, I'm not so sure this concept is working. Jackson just sticks the mittens in his mouth and then we have to take them off because they are soaked.

Jackson's new mittens from Grandma Penny. :)

I think he will just be a thumb sucker. Hopefully, he will learn to not do it before he is a teenager...it may put a damper on his dating life. :)

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