Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Pumpkin has been bring on the candy!

Jackson is really into Halloween this year. We have a "countdown" until the Trick-or-Treat holiday...he can't wait to show his friends his costume...and he has even learned the "Trick-or-treat-smell my feet" song word for word... He is loving it. As every little kid should!

Jackson was even excited to carve his pumpkin this year. When I told him that Daddy could make his pumpkin look like Mickey Mouse...Jackson said, "Oh, Daddy I would be so 'cited'!" Justin looked at me and said, "I can?" After showing Justin the stencil I found and a little cheerleading from Jackson, "C'mon, Daddy - You can do it!"...we officially have a Mickey Mouse pumpkin.

Jackson couldn't be happier and Justin couldn't be prouder.

Check out the photos!

Jackson didn't like getting his hands dirty!

"Make sure it looks like Mickey, Daddy!"

Our Mickey Mouse Pumpkin!
A neighbor has already sent a message that the pumpkin looks great as she drove down the street. I CANNOT begin to tell you how proud that made Justin. :)

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