Thursday, October 6, 2011

No Paci at This House!

Those of you who know us well know that Jackson has been battling an addiction problem.

Yep. Our son was a Paci-holic. Jackson turned 3 in May, and Justin and I had been putting off breaking Jackson of this habit. We put it off for various reasons - but none more than it was just easier to let him keep his "addiction" going.

Well, we did it.

Acutally, Jackson did it.

The only other thing Jackson loves as much as he loves his Paci's - is Mickey Mouse. Justin and I starting talking Jackson about all the babies we saw while we were Walt Disney World and how they needed Paci's. Justin and I suggested to Jackson that we send Mickey Mouse all of his Paci's so Mickey could give them to all of those babies. Some worked. Jackson bought into the idea...and was even excited about it.

The night before the BIG DAY, I found an actual address for "letters to Mickey Mouse" and sat down with Jackson to "help" him write his letter to Mickey.

Check out this video as Jackson "reads" you his letter. Hilarious!

Jackson was so proud of his letter!

The next morning...we headed to the post office. Jackson even helped box up his Paci's. He even explained to the Post Master that she needed "to put this package on the truck and then take it to the airplane so Mickey can have them." You should have seen the lady's face when she realized we were mailing a package to Mickey Mouse. should have seen her face when I asked her to pose for a picture with Jackson! After all, this was a big day for our family.

Check out Jackson at the post office:

While this day was very emotional for Justin and I - after all this was the last "baby step" we had left - Jacskon never shed a tear. He has asked a few times for his Paci - but quickly remembers that Mickey has them and he sure doesn't want to let Mickey down.

Mickey has received the Paci's. In fact, "Mickey" has been so kind to send a "prize" to our house each day since our trip to the post office. I know, I know...It is total bribery...BUT IT IS WORKING! Each evening Jackson runs to the mailbox to see if "Mickey" has sent him a prize for being paci-free! Funny - how Mickey has the same wrapping paper as we do.... :)

Check out Jackson with his "Mickey" prizes!

What is it Dad?

Tackle Dummy who helps catch the ball, too!
AKA - A huge help for Mom and Dad

A Mickey Mouse Golf Head Cover

We are so proud of our BIG BOY. Jackson is taking what I thought was going to be a very tough parenting task...and made it so fun - like always.

P.S. I am secretly hoping that Mickey Mouse really does get Jackson's package...I hear he writes back! :)

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