Thursday, July 28, 2011

"32" was more fun than "21" fact it felt like "13!"

About 20 years ago - you could almost guarantee to find me in my room giggling with my best-friend, Jenny...and listening to the New Kids on The Block. You could not convince me that I wasn't going to marry Danny Wood or Jordan Knight.

I won't forget the year that Santa left me the NKOTB doll set and stage (he brought one to Jenny, too) or that Jenny and I spent every Fall and Winter in out NKOTB Tour jackets. We were in love ... with the "five hardest working kids in show business." :)

My older sister's teased us - but we didn't care. We were only doing what every other girl our age was doing...we lived the New Kids craze....and loved it!

As the years went on - we did too - but Jenny and I would often talk about our New Kid days. We would share a laugh and a giggle (its what we do best) - but it would always bring back great memories.

So imagine who the first person I texted was when I heard that NKOTB would be touring Indianapolis the week of my birthday. Yep, Jenny. I heard back instantly - "We're There!" A few phone calls to other girlfriends (there aren't many girls my age who don't share my love for The New Kids On The Block) and it was set. We had a date with NKOTB...added bonus was the BackStreet Boys were joining the concert as well! We were instantly teenagers again.

Justin saw our excitement and threw in a limo for the night - and then we were "gitty-teenagers." Months of anticipation of a night with our childhood crush...and as I celebrated another year older...I got the chance to revert back to my youth. It was more than fantastic.

Jenny still has her "Tour Jacket"

I am so lucky to have such great friends. Old and New!
Left to right: Jenny, Sara, Krista, Ashley, me, Amanda, Kristin, and Jill.

A big thanks to Jenny for my new NKOTB BIG button!

Krista, Ashley, and I (representing the Neighborhood!)

I'm still smiling. Days later. I can't explain it - and most of you will think I am crazy. But is was one night - where for a few hours, old friends & new friends, forgot about all worries and went back to a time when we had none - a time when my biggest concern was should I tight roll my jeans - or wear my pink scrunchie?! :)

I found a YouTube clip from a concert in another city - but it was my favorite part. Check it out and enjoy!

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