Monday, August 1, 2011

Working Mom...

I am away this week for work (more on that at another time)...and Justin knew this week would be hard for me. Justin is usually the one that travels for work - not me.

To help, Justin set up Skype on his iPad (for those of you who know Justin know he has NO techno skills-this was huge!) I loved skyping with Justin and Jackson tonight. I got to see Jackson's soccer class certificate and hear him tell me that it says he was a "really good boy!". It was also nice to get to "see" Justin and tell all about what I am learning while away. ;)

Yesterday when I unpacked my work bag- I found a card from both Jackson and Justin with Jackson's picture inside. It is currently sitting on the hotel nightstand!

I also had a surprise in my suitcase. Look who came along for the trip!

Jackson sleeps with Donald each night and Justin thought it might help the week go a little faster if Donald came along with me. ;).

And...tonight I received a picture of "The Mommy Countdown!". Love this!

I am counting down the days too! I can't wait to be home with Justin and Jackson.

Justin, thanks so much for making this trip easier with all of your sweet gestures- and a big thanks to Jackson for being such a sweet-yet rotten- little boy!

I love you both so much!

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